About Us

Liz Seda

Operations Guru

Constantly challenging the world around her, Liz has accomplished the near impossible. Neither her Bronx NY humble beginnings, nor her Puerto Rican and women minorities prevented her from receiving a prestigious scholarship to the University of Miami. She received her degree in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering, all the while retaining top marks and serving as the president of the engineering student body. Liz has served as a design, process, and quality engineer in the corporate world before deciding to pursue her real passion. Liz currently runs an up and coming blog in which she consults and empowers people to believe in themselves and to accomplish financial and personal independence.


Lucas Blanck

Tech Muscle

After receiving both his BS in Computer Engineering and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Miami, Lucas moved on to join the IBM family. He spent almost 5 years working as both a hardware development and hardware test engineer in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina. Additionally, always finding himself in the teaching environment, Lucas has served as a personal tutor of high school and college students, to then instructor at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, and finally graduate teaching assistant at the University of Miami. With his computer industry knowledge enriched and his ever growing thirst for teaching, Lucas left the corporate world to begin several projects in the backburner, Computer Jacker among them.