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Do I Really Need A Video Card?

This is one of the most commonly asked computer questions and one that has multiple answers. In the end though, you can easily answer this yourself by spending 5-10 minutes learning a little more about video cards.

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Power is King!

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One of the most commonly disregarded components in a new computer build is the power supply. I see hundreds of people posting their specifications online with incredibly awesome hardware and a poor power supply.

Would you purchase a brand new Porsche and then put economy fuel in it? Would you build a new house on top of a sinkhole? Then why spend thousands of dollars on high quality components and then pop in a crap power supply? Your computer will only be as good as its weakest link, and the power supply just happens to be a very important link.

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Master Your Budget

When it comes down to purchasing your next computer, there is no bigger decision to make than budget. Whether you are building the computer yourself (hopefully), or purchasing an already configured computer (sigh), the resulting price can influence many of your selections.

Many people approach new computers with a “how much can I afford to spend” mentality. Like many other products, they want the best their money can buy. I can’t count the number of reasons why this is wrong. You should not purchase any technology just because you can afford it. You should purchase it because you NEED it or at the very least, BENEFIT from it.

Instead, approach your new purchase thinking “how much do I need to spend”. Once you become somewhat tech savvy, you can begin to understand what you need and what you don’t. Custom builders will throw together a computer with expensive top of the line components powerful enough to calculate the meaning of life in 0.000002 seconds. The more powerful it looks and the more expensive the price tag, the more marketing they can accomplish and the bigger their profits.

I ask … do you really need all of that power to play your video games? Do you need pulsating RED lights and 10TB of storage to accomplish your media editing? Some will answer yes, and rightly so. But for the majority of us out there, it is complete overkill.

Do yourself a favor. Learn about computers. Learn what you need and what you don’t. At the end of the day, you and your wallet will be much happier.

Kickstarter Project Launched!

We have officially launched our Kickstarter campaign! Make sure to check it out here. We’ve come up with some pretty kick-butt rewards for you guys. Anybody looking for a new computer or possibly some techie schwag? :)

Website Launch in 2 Days!

Hey everyone! It feels a little weird but oh so amazing to see the website completed. We are putting on the final touches, uploading the last of the video content, and checking all of our links. We know some things will not be available at launch, such as our advanced shopping cart, but we hope to have those up and running sooner than later.

Only two more days! Two days before the official launch of Computer Jacker and only one day until we submit our application to Kickstarter. Tick, tock. Tick, tock…

Computer Basics 101

Building a computer doesn’t have to be difficult. Just like anything in life, learning a little about it goes a long way. In order to help you on your path to computer building greatness, we’ve put together this simple diagram and description on all of the components that go into a computer. So, without further ado, I present to you your lineup.
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Website Launch In 1 Week!


Very exciting times! We are officially 1 week away from launching the Computer Jacker website. It’s been a long bumpy road but we’ve finally gotten all the kinks out of the system.


This is it. Gentlemen, start your engines…