Why Build My Own Computer?


Building a computer yourself is really the only affordable way to get exactly what you want. Most of the time, consumers buy a computer either in terms of price or performance. When buying a performance computer for a specific intended use, you end up paying for a lot of capabilities that you really don’t need. If you decide to buy an affordable computer, you downgrade on all of the specifications. It is incredibly difficult to buy a pre-configured computer that is optimized in ONLY the few areas that you need.

At Computer Jacker, we make sure that we are picking the highest quality components for your intended use. This results in a computer that will run better and run longer. The components placed into a generic computer are usually not as selective as the ones we choose for our computers. Even better, you don’t have to risk going into an information overload coma researching components. We’ve done that for you! If you have any doubts, we explain our reasoning behind each component choice.

After completing a computer build with us you will have a higher knowledge of how to troubleshoot computer problems in general, because now you will know how they work. Instead of dealing for hours on the phone with customer support or hiring expensive computer guys to come fix your hardware, you will have the knowledge to do it yourself.

Yet another advantage of building your own computer is the ability to easily continue customizing your PC. Different component technologies evolve at different rates. If there is a kick-butt RAM coming out, you don’t have to buy a new computer. You can just purchase the RAM and switch it out. Upgrading and expanding your PC becomes a cinch. Upgrading a pre-built computer has the potential to become a huge hassle if the computer uses proprietary components. Not only that, but every computer build that we put together ALWAYS takes into consideration future upgrades. We will never send you down an obsolete technology path.

The absolute best thing about building your computer is that it’s just plain awesome. Not a lot of people can say that they build their own computer, and there is a certain amount of prestige that comes with it. Here at Computer Jacker, we make that happen for you.


The Computer Jacker team has worked extremely hard to eliminate most of the cons associated with building your own computer.

For example, you will never have to worry about incompatibility, or not knowing what software to get. We make sure to do the compatibility research for you and we list all of the software and drivers you need to get going and where to get them. We provide a 100% performance guarantee that if you use our chosen components, you will get a kick-butt system with no performance issues.

Another disadvantage that comes with building your own computer ironically can be cost. This is because computer manufacturers can buy components in bulk, thus resulting in lower prices. This however, does NOT hold true for more expensive computers. High end components are more expensive, and worse, come with an even higher markup for profits. That is why here, at Computer Jacker, we guarantee that building a high performance computer with us will ALWAYS be cheaper than buying that same custom computer pre-built from a manufacturer.

The only disadvantage that Computer Jacker does not have the ability to address is centralized customer support. When you build your own computer, there is a small chance that a component will ship as defective. When you buy a computer from a big name brand, you might be lucky enough for a component to fail during your short warranty period. If a failure happens after your coverage period, of if you build the computer yourself, then you have to identify which component is failing and contact the manufacturer directly. Even though we cannot provide a centralized customer support, we have added as many features as possible to help if it does happen. Additionally, you can always contact us and we will try to help in any way that we can.

In the end, the choice is clear. Unless you believe that spending your money on product markups of sometimes close to 50% is worth some limited customer support, then the right choice is to go about it yourself. When building your next PC with Computer Jacker, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Are YOU ready to build?